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How to Choose a Wall Clock

How to Choose a Wall Clock

Wall clocks, which provide a harmonious and pleasant appearance in every part of the house, are among the indispensables of home decoration. The time flowing on the wall clock actually reminds you of the pleasant moments you spend at home. So, how to choose a wall clock? How should the wall clock be according to the rooms? Here are the answers…

Small details as well as furniture, curtains and carpets used in home decoration form the secret of an impressive appearance. Accessories that play an integral role especially in homes, when chosen correctly, allow you to capture a different atmosphere in your living space. Some of the accessories we prefer in accordance with the trends of the year and our personal taste are timeless pieces. Wall clocks, which are one of the basic elements of many houses over the years, emphasize both functionality and elegance in home decorations. Let’s learn together what you need to know about choosing a wall clock…

How to Choose a Wall Clock

What Should be Considered Wall Clock?

If you want to use a wall clock in home decoration, there are some tricks to consider. It is necessary to act sensitively and measuredly while shaping the wall decoration.

Size, shape, color and style of the house are a big factor when choosing wall clocks that emphasize complementarity in decoration. In order to determine the size of the wall clock, it is necessary to know the size of the wall on which the clock will be hung.

It is very important that the clock is proportional to the size of the wall. Then, you need to bring the appropriate pieces together in the color selection. Notice that all factors create a harmonious transition.

Selection of Wall Clock According to the Style of the Houses

In industrial home decoration, the use of wall clocks is frequently encountered. In industrial home decoration, where black, gray or metallic colors are dominant, you can place watches in your living room with these colors.

Likewise, you can support this decoration by choosing solid wood. Do not hesitate to use large size of wall clocks that you will include in industrial design. Wall clocks, which form a striking effect, are an indispensable part of industrial style.

How to Choose a Wall Clock

If classical designs attract your attention, you can open the door to a unique look in your home with antique wall clocks. Antique clocks, which are frequently seen in English Style Home decorations, can provide you with a magnificent atmosphere in homes.

Do not be afraid to use clocks in English Style Home decorations, where family heirloom items are often included.

How Should the Wall Clock be According to the Rooms ?

If you intend to use a clock in children’s rooms; We recommend that you make selections in sizes that are not too large. You should take care to choose a wall clock in the colors you mainly use in your child’s room.

In the kitchens, you can include wall clocks with fruit patterns or coffee cup patterns.

In the bedrooms and living rooms; You should prioritize watches in sizes and colors that will reflect the style of the room.
You can add depth to the space by including mirror-detailed clocks, especially in narrow and small corridors.