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How to Choose a Bride Flower

How to Choose a Bride Flower

What Are Bridal Flowers Trends?

What are the most preferred bridal bouquets for summer-autumn? Take a look at bridal flowers to be a stylish bride!
Those who get married in the summer and autumn seasons pay particular attention to fragrant, striking-looking bridal flowers. The romance of summer and autumn; detailed with yellow and purple flowers. As you know, especially summer weddings; It takes place with very moving and colorful images. Bridal flower, which is no different from summer weddings, is waiting for you, as the temperature of the weather is also reflected in September in the current period. Brides-to-be who will get married in this period, bridal flowers; It shapes it with lots of floral and color details. Roses, princesses of all periods, come to the aid of those who like simplicity. Those who are undecided about bridal flowers, we think this article will help you.

How to Choose a Bride Flower

Highlights in Bridal Flower Trends

Button Chrysanthemum

The appearance of purple details that will be added to your bridal flowers, which will be decorated with predominantly white colors; It will not be erased from your and your guests’ memories.


In addition to its elegant and pleasant appearance, the dahlia, which has meanings such as protection from the evil eye and showing respect in the past traditions, is frequently preferred in summer weddings.


If you ask what is a bridal flower that reflects the colorful air of summer and our unique happiness, we can answer you asters flower. Creating your bridal flower with asters will make you different.

How to Choose a Bride Flower


It is called the magnificent fragrant flower. Freesia is also known as apricot flower. Described as the representative of noble feelings, freesia will be a flower that will tell about your love.

Hazeran Flower

Hazeran flower, also known as palace flower; It contains the meanings of comfort and happiness. This flower is very popular in summer weddings. With its lively appearance, this flower is among the first choices of brides-to-be.

Shasta Daisies

This flower model is very suitable for brides who like simplicity. With shasta daisies, which will adapt to almost all of your wedding dress models, you will dazzle with naturalness and simplicity as well as your beauty.

Pink Bridal Flowers

Pink colors are thought to be predominant among the flowers preferred in recent years. You will be able to reflect your free spirit and joy to your wedding with the pink colors used without distinguishing the model.

Daffodil Bouquet

The daffodil flower, which is among the most preferred bouquets in August, dazzles with its vitality and naturalness.

Bride Flower Making

In this section, we will give some tips for those who want to make a bridal flower themselves. By following these tips, you can have a bridal flower that will make you happy on your most special day.

If your wedding and your wedding are far from each other, you can also benefit from dead flowers while making your bridal flower. Today, such beautiful inanimate flowers are produced that they do not look like real flowers. Moreover, you can keep your bridal flower, which you made using inanimate flowers, as a souvenir at your home later on. Even long before your wedding, you can make your bridal flower and enjoy its shape for a long time.

How to Choose a Bride Flower

If you are going to make your own bridal flower, you must first consider the theme of your wedding and wedding dress. Choosing the right flowers for the style and color of your wedding dress ensures that you have a total elegance. If you want a romantic style wedding, you can choose pastel colors, and if you want to have an assertive look, you can choose vibrant and bright colors. You can get a natural bridal flower look by adding green leaves between the flowers.

One of the most enjoyable parts of making a bridal flower is its decoration. You can use tulle, lace or ribbons for decoration. Here again, the choice is entirely up to your preferences. For example, you can decorate your bridal flower with lace tulle and tie it with a colorful ribbon. If you take care not to wrinkle the lace, your bridal flower will look much more elegant. If you are a simple bride, roses will always come to your rescue. You can also choose light and pastel colors for your tulle and ribbons.