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How to Choose a Bathroom Door

How to Choose a Bathroom Door

How should the bathroom door be used for many years?

One of the points to be considered when decorating a home is the choice of bathroom door. There are some factors to consider when choosing a bathroom door. As you know, the bathroom is a humid and wet area and the bathroom doors must be water resistant accordingly.

You want the bathroom doors to be stylish and ostentatious like the other interior room doors of your home. This, of course, is your most natural right.

The importance of the bathroom door is different for the building sector. Because the water and moisture resistance of bathroom doors is much more important than other doors. Since the bathroom and toilet are the places that come into contact with water the most, their doors should be extra durable.

For this, of course, the door you will buy must have a very high resistance to water and moisture. Not only for house doors, but also the bathroom doors of businesses that serve the tourism sector such as hotels should also be very durable. Otherwise, the operator may have to change the door in a short time.

When we think about the house, the bathroom is a room of the house and therefore it should be considered like other doors. With every step we take by thinking about the future, we do less damage. Therefore, you should prefer long-lasting and water-resistant bathroom – toilet doors.

In addition, bathroom doors should be hygienic when viewed from a health point of view.

Easy to clean
Does not change color over time
Bathroom doors should be preferred. Of course, you need to work with a quality door manufacturer for this.

What should be considered when choosing a bathroom door?

Should I choose a glassed bathroom door or a glassless bathroom door?

First of all, you need to decide whether your bathroom door will be glazed or not. Because all door models are produced with glass, but bathroom doors are generally preferred without glass. The reason for this is that the bathroom is an important area in terms of privacy and it would not be appropriate to see the inside from the outside.

Of course, glass bathroom doors are also produced upon request. If you are going to buy a glass bathroom door, definitely choose frosted glass. In this way, the inside will not be seen and your guests using your bathroom will not be disturbed.

Bathroom door lock must be.

Privacy, which is the most important of the reasons mentioned above, also applies here. Having a lock on the bathroom door, that is, having a key, is definitely very important for those who will use the bathroom. We cannot feel peaceful and comfortable in a bathroom where there is no bathroom door lock. That’s why the lock for the bathroom door is an important detail.

It may even be the most important detail.

Make sure that the lock system of the bathroom door is resistant to water and humidity.

This is a very important issue. If you want the bathroom door lock to be long-lasting, you should definitely choose a door lock with corrosion resistance. For this, rust-proof steel or metal door handle and lock system should be preferred.

If you do not pay attention to this, after a while, the door handle will wear out, wear out and an aesthetically unpleasant appearance will appear. In addition, if the door handle rusts, it will not be good in terms of hygiene, and from this point on, it starts to threaten your health.

Please make sure that it is water and moisture resistant when choosing the bathroom door handle and lock system.

For this, plastic door handles are also preferred in bathroom door handles. Door handles made from a harmless and long-lasting plastic may be good for you. However, if it will not strain your budget, we recommend you to choose a stainless steel door handle.

Be careful when choosing Bathroom Door Material.

Wooden coated bathroom doors that are resistant to water and moisture should be preferred. For example, PVC door is a very useful door type as a bathroom door. You can contact us for bathroom door details.

How Should the Bathroom Door Color Be?

The color of the bathroom door can be according to the decoration of your bathroom. For example, if you have a bathroom decoration in white and light tones, you can choose a gray or off-white bathroom door.

If you have a traditional decoration, you can choose a bathroom door in brown and wood tones.

Or if you have a bathroom decoration in dark tones, you can choose a bathroom door in light tones.