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How Should Women With Thick Ankles Dress?

If you have relatively thick wrists, we have compiled different methods for you to neutralize it and throw it into the background. Enjoy reading our article that will make the ankles of women with thick wrists look more stylish.

Starting from the choice of thick wrists is the first of the styles. It may be caused by the first of the thick welds with wrist straps. With a little more emphasis on children’s wrists, ankle straps will look thicker than your wrists when you have them fully. Instead, it is a type of choice, with no detail long and perfectly correct decollete, ie pointed, ending in style en tr tr correctly. So how do you prefer bot preferences? When choosing boots, prefer boots that end above the ankles, where you can wear your feet, and prefer boots that never wrap around your ankles. The more loose boots you have, the more you will not emphasize your ankles and your line will be thinner. You can also choose options that have a lot more ends on their wrists and have slits on the sides.

In the choice of sneakers, you can choose shoes with a slightly more grooved ankle part. So what can you use as an outfit choice? Carrot-legged trousers that fit perfectly on you, trousers that completely wrap your ankles, are unfortunately not for you. You should stay away from such pants as much as possible. These kind of pants not only make your ankles look thick, they also shorten your whole leg length and make them look thick..

How Should Women With Thick Ankles Dress?

That’s why you should stay away from carrot-legged skinny jeans that stick to you completely. You can choose capri style trousers that do not stick to your ankles as much as possible and even slightly loosen towards your ankles. Among the trousers you will prefer in winter, there may be flared trousers or tube-leg trousers. Types of trousers that do not stick to your ankle will be ideal for you. You can easily choose all dress models.

In dress models, your choice of shoes will be much more prominent. If you are going to prefer flat ballet style shoes, you will draw attention in another direction if you prefer shoes with a slightly more hollow edge and low-cut. You can put your thick ankles in the background by paying attention to such fine details.