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How Should the Bride’s Diet Be?

How Should the Bride’s Diet Be

The wedding date has been determined, now the norm will change, you will become a married person, responsibilities will increase. The numbered days pass quickly, the preparation is very intense, the rush to set up a house, wedding invitations, choosing a venue for the wedding, guest list etc. lots of work..

Amidst all this work, so much fuss, obsession with weight, the rush to get in shape. In such a busy and hectic time period, you must find an easy and effective method of losing and maintaining weight. For this, basic adjustments and minor changes to your table will be golden solutions. So when you look at the wedding pictures, you won’t have to lament how fat I was if you were thin. For this, you have to make step-by-step adjustments.

Bridal Diet for Brides Who Want to Lose Weight

The sooner brides-to-be start to eat regularly, the better, because it would be wrong to try to lose weight too quickly at the last minute. Shock diet should not be done during this special and busy time. The opposite of shock, the primary need is to eat healthy and natural in the last two days. They should avoid heavy foods with high additives, high fat and high sugar. Let them focus on time. Let them take care to stay away from stress for the last two days. Let them not overshadow these beautiful days by having expectations that we do not struggle with excess weight. Let them have the diet they want in 2 days, their bodies will not change. However, they can look lively in wedding photos by eating healthy, getting enough sleep, not stressing, being energetic and drinking plenty of water.

Healthy Snacks for the Bride’s Diet

The most practical solution is for the bride-to-be to carry healthy snacks with her and to eat these foods every 2-3 hours. If we give an example of healthy snacks; small boxes of milk, sandwiches with cheese between bread, fresh fruits (green plums, cherries, apples…), dried fruits (dried apricots, raisins…), chickpeas, hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts. Other than that, if there is an opportunity, they should eat their normal lunch and dinner. It is enough for the bride to eat balanced and healthy natural foods, eat regularly and drink plenty of water so that her energy does not decrease and she maintains her form.

Wedding Time Essential Adjustments to Lose and Maintain Weight Easily and Effectively
Reduce simple carbohydrates such as white sugar and white flour, and instead prefer complex carbohydrates such as legumes, vegetables, whole wheat bread, pasta.

Use liquid oils instead of saturated fat sources such as butter, cream, lard.

Meat and dairy products, animal protein sources; Vegetables, grain products and legumes are vegetable protein sources. More than half of the daily protein requirement should be provided from animal-derived protein. The easiest way to achieve this balance is to include both animal and vegetable proteins in meals. Meat, vegetables, bread group, vegetables should be together in meals.

Fibers are important, don’t neglect them. Preferring foods containing natural fiber will support your digestive system during busy times of wedding rush. To ensure healthy and beneficial fiber intake, it will be sufficient to include raw salads, vegetables and legumes, consume bread made from whole wheat flour instead of white bread, and increase fruit consumption.

Do not forget to drink water. Drinking enough water in this busy and unstable period before the wedding shows a doping effect.

Do not overdo it with salt consumption. Consuming too much salt can cause your blood pressure to rise and your

edema level to increase.

How Should the Bride’s Diet Be

Sample Wedding Day Menu for Bride’s Diet

You should have breakfast within an hour of waking up in the morning. Drink 1 glass of warm water and 1 glass of cold water before breakfast.


1 glass of water Milk
1 slice of cheese
1 slice of bread
Lots of greens and raw vegetables
1 peeled apple


Grilled or boiled meat the size of 1 palm
1 handful of pasta or bulgur pilaf
Yogurt or buttermilk
Unlimited salad (with little olive oil added)


1-2 fresh fruits
1 handful of oily nuts (hazelnuts, peanuts, almonds, walnuts)


1 plate of vegetables
3-4 tablespoons of boiled wheat
1 cup of yogurt
Lots of salad (with a little olive oil added)
This diet, which contains 1200-1400 calories, will not only help you spend the pre-wedding period with maximum efficiency, but also help you lose weight.