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How Many Calories in Turkish Delight

Turkish Delight is a sweet snack with a very high sugar content. The main source of calories is sugar. 1 standard size Turkish delight of 9 grams contains about 8 grams of carbohydrates apart from sugar. At this stage, we would like to point out that it is not healthy to consume Turkish delight at frequent intervals.

How Many Calories in Turkish Delight

In the past, molasses or honey was used instead of sugar in making Turkish delight; If you try to make Turkish delight in your own home, you can use honey or molasses to make it healthier. So how many calories in Turkish delight? How many calories can be in a Turkish delight, depending on its types and ingredients; Let’s examine it together:

Turkish delight, which is obtained with nuts and fruits that give different flavors together with honey, molasses, starch and water, is a traditional dessert that has a certain reputation outside the country. Turkish delight, which can differ in terms of the ingredients in it, is a dessert that has many varieties from pistachio to walnut, from hazelnut to fruity, from rose to chocolate. Turkish delight, which is usually served alongside Turkish coffee, is also very famous for its taste. Turkish delight, which is an indispensable dessert in coffee presentations, is one of the foods in which the calorie content is curious. The calorie values ​​of Turkish delight vary according to the types of nutrients it contains.

Nutritional values ​​of Turkish delight

The calorie content of 1 plain Turkish delight is equivalent to the calorie content of one and a half fruit. Since the calories in Turkish delight come entirely from sugar, it should be consumed in a controlled manner. The nutritional values ​​in Turkish delight are as follows.

Carbs 8.04 g

Protein 0.01 g

Fat 0.02 g

Fiber 0.0 g

Cholesterol 0.0mg

Sodium 0.0mg

Potassium 1.71mg

Calcium 0.45mg

Vitamin A 0.0 IU

Vitamin C 0.0mg

Iron 0.01mg

How many calories in plain Turkish delight?

Plain Turkish delight, which is generally presented as coated with starch, contains only starch, sugar and water. Plain Turkish delight can be consumed with coffee, or it can be used as an alternative or by obtaining sugar paste. The calorie content of 1 Turkish delight (9 gr) is 32 kcal.

How many calories are in Pistachio Turkish Delight?

Peanuts can also be used in Turkish delights, which are usually made with pistachio. Pistachio Turkish delight is a very appetizing type of Turkish delight. There are also different types such as double roasted and creamy. The calorie content of 1 pistachio Turkish delight is 63 kcal.

How many calories in rose Turkish delight?

Rose Turkish delight, which is very popular in Isparta and throughout the country, where you can see a rose delight seller at every step, has a very different flavor with its rose scent aroma. The calorie content of 1 rose Turkish delight is 33 kcal.

How many calories are in Turkish Delight with Walnut?

Walnut Turkish delight, which has a unique flavor with its rich nutritional value, is one of the intensely consumed Turkish delight varieties. Walnuts can be consumed alone, as well as used in desserts. The calorie content of 1 piece of frequently consumed Turkish delight with walnuts is 50 kcal.

How many calories in chocolate marshmallow?

Chocolate, one of the most loved desserts, becomes an indispensable taste when combined with Turkish delight. The amount of calories in chocolate delight is quite curious. The calorie content of 1 piece (15 gr) chocolate delight is 50 kcal.

How many calories are in Turkish Delight with Hazelnut?

Hazelnut is one of the most consumed nuts. Hazelnut, which is used abundantly in dessert recipes, is also used for different kinds of dessert decorations, either whole or cut into pieces. The calorie content of 1 hazelnut delight is 38 kcal.



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