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How Many Calories in Red Apple – Nutrition Facts of Red Apple

Apple is a type of fruit that can be grown almost all over the world and is consumed in large quantities. As a tree fruit, apple is also an extremely beneficial food for the body. So, what is the nutritional value and calorie content of apples? What vitamins are in this fruit? We have compiled all the wonders about apples for you.

How Many Calories in Red Apple

Apple is a type of fruit that can be grown easily in all seasons of the year. However, the exact time of this fruit coincides with the beginning of October and the end of March.

How many calories in apple, does eating apple make you fat? Does it weaken? What ingredients are in apple food? Is it harmful? Is it useful? How often should it be consumed and how should I eat it? Before answering frequently asked questions about apples, it is necessary to know all the nutritional values ​​of apples.

“There are many types of foods that cause excessive weight gain. Individuals can search for calorie amounts by acting consciously. Red apples are among the fruit types investigated. The amount of calories and nutritional values ​​​​in red apples are the subjects that people research carefully. How many calories in red apple? 100 grams of red apple We have compiled the details about the values ​​​​and calories.”

Red apples are among the types of apples that everyone loves. The popular red apples contain 50 calories. Consuming 100 grams of red apple means taking 50 calories to the body.

How Many Calories in Red Apple?

There are different varieties of apples today. The most consumed red apples are the apple varieties that everyone loves. Individuals consuming red apples want to know the calorie amount of red apple. There are 50 calories in 100 grams of red apple.

Nutrition Facts and Calories in 100 Grams of Red Apple

Red apples have a certain amount of nutritional value in them. 100 grams of red apple contains 0.26 grams of protein. Apple varieties containing 4.6 mg of vitamin C. There are 14 grams of carbohydrates in a red apple, which is 50 calories.