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How Many Calories in French Fries

No matter what time it is, french fries, which are considered a legendary taste, are eaten with great appetite. Especially the French fries, which children love to consume, are in serious numbers in terms of the amount of calories. Potato itself is already a storehouse of carbohydrates. Well, when this situation is combined with plenty of oil, the result will not be heartwarming at all. But no matter how harmful it is, no one can deny the meatball and potato duo.

How Many Calories in French Fries

As soon as they wake up in the morning, many people who see a lot of french fries for breakfast have an appetite, right? Ketchup and mayonnaise are also sought after. But when the number of calories in french fries or french fries with olive oil is calculated, ketchup and mayonnaise are slowly left on the table. For the sake of healthy nutrition and moderate consumption, in this article, we discussed the calorie information of potatoes, which is the favorite of fast food meals. The nutritional values ​​and calorie information of your favorite french fries are now with you.

How Many Calories in French Fries?

While eating french fries, we recommend that you keep the calorie information that we will give you now in a corner of your mind. We cannot help but say that those who want to lose weight should be in moderation 🙂

When you ask how many calories are in 1 french fries, 4 calories
1 handful of french fries 47 calories
1 small packet of french fries 78 calories
How many calories in 1 serving of french fries? 1 serving of potatoes 250 calories
1 medium package french fries 218 calories
Large french fries, on the other hand, measure out at 390 calories.

How Many Calories in Baked French Fries?

When you put the french fries in the oven with very little oil, you can reduce the amount of calories and make them healthier.

If you eat 100 grams of baked french fries, you will have a total of 90 calories. 0.12 of this amount consists of fat.

How Many Calories in McDonald’s French Fries?

McDonald’s, one of the fast food chains, is famous for the order queues in front of the cash register. Every customer in these queues definitely orders and consumes french fries. French fries are also served alongside the hamburger menus. So how healthy do you think these french fries are? Of course, nutritionists will give the best answer to this issue. But let’s leave the calorie information here for you. You can think about how healthy it is from the calorie values:

Small french fries are 75 grams and 210 calories
Medium french fries are 100 grams and 280 calories
Large french fries are 139 grams and 389 calories
Jumbo french fries are 164 grams and approximately 460 calories.

Does French Fries Make You Gain Weight? What are the harms?

French fries will be healthy or unhealthy depending on the way you cook them. If you make the potatoes in the form of frying in the oven, you will minimize the damage.
But if you consume it in the form of frying in oil, you will get some calories. When you eat french fries as a meal replacement, it will not gain weight.
When consumed with sauces and different protein sources in addition to the meal, you will gain weight back.
Dietitians recommend consuming french fries as a meal replacement when eaten.
It also recommends choosing foods that will lower the glycemic index and balance blood sugar. These foods can be a bowl of yogurt, a glass of unsalted buttermilk or milk.
Drinking lemon water while consuming french fries will also minimize the damage of frying.
Potatoes fried in fast food style are definitely in great danger as they stay in the same oil for a long time and become fried as a result of the constant heating of this oil.
Nutritionists state that this type of frying is dangerous for health.
French fries, which are frequently consumed especially during adolescence, accumulate as fat in the body. This puts children at risk of obesity.
It takes 21 minutes of walking, 9 minutes of jogging, 18 minutes of cycling and 12 minutes of swimming to flush and burn a serving of french fries.
In addition, people who constantly eat french fries develop intestinal laziness and constipation problem occurs.

Nutritional Value of French Fries

When the nutritional values ​​of french fries are examined, the following figures will draw attention for a medium-sized portion:

33.15 grams of carbohydrates
2.74 grams of protein
11.78 grams of fat
3.04 grams of fiber
168 mg sodium
463.2 mg potassium
14.4 mg calcium
8 iu of vitamin A
6.4 mg of vitamin C
There is 0.65 iron.

French Fries Tricks, How to Get Crispy

The potatoes you will fry must be fresh and of good quality.
After slicing the potatoes, you should soak them in water. But this water will not be pure. Throw the sliced ​​potatoes into a bowl and add enough water to cover them, then pour a bottle of soda. Let it sit like this in the fridge for 30 minutes. You can also add 3 or 4 drops of vinegar instead of soda. This will make the potatoes crispy.
Dry the potatoes resting in the fridge with a clean towel.
The frying oil must be well heated. You can sacrifice a potato slice for this.
Add the dried potatoes to the heated oil and stir after a while so that they are browned.
Spread the fried potatoes on both sides on a paper towel lined plate. The paper towel will absorb the oil absorbed by the potato. Thus, the least amount of oil will remain in your potatoes.
The last step will be adding salt. You should discard the salt when serving. The salt added during cooking will prolong the cooking time of the potatoes.



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