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How Many Calories in Chicken – Chicken Calorie Values

Chicken meat, which we consume the most after red meat, is included in many recipes that have made a place for our taste in our traditional cuisine, with different cooking methods. In addition to the fact that its more economical price compared to red meat is the main factor in its widespread use, chicken meat is the most frequently consumed in the white meat category with its low fat content and high protein values.

From practical chicken sautee with vegetables to the recipes of rich tables with elegant presentation and rich ingredients, from soups for healing chicken broth to fast food chains such as chicken nuggets and wings with sauce, from the tastes we are accustomed to such as chicken doner kebab, grilled chicken skewers, chicken meat is certain in our culinary culture. has a leading position.

Well, how can chicken meat, which can be adapted to recipes in such a wide area and cooked according to every taste, be consumed in the diet? What are the calorie and nutritional values ​​of chicken? What benefits does eating chicken provide in the slimming process? Here are all the details about chicken meat consumption in the weight control process in this article.

How Many Calories in Chicken – Chicken Calorie Values

How Many Calories in Chicken?

First of all, let’s say that we are faced with a food source full of miracles in many ways for those who want to lose weight.
You ask why? Ladies and gentlemen, chicken meat is a real source of protein, which is an invaluable blessing in the diet process supported by sports programs. In order to fill this sentence sufficiently, we would like to point out that an oil ratio is quite low.
In addition to its protein value, with the vitamins and minerals it contains, chicken meat has properties that strengthen the immune system and thus act as a natural shield against diseases when consumed regularly and correctly.
People in the sick bed aren’t given chicken broth soup for nothing, right? Not to mention the structure that protects the brain cells, gives brightness to the skin, reduces the risk of heart attack and gives energy to the body in situations such as stress and fatigue.
So let’s get to the topic, how many calories in chicken? We will examine the calorie values ​​of many dishes that you can think of with chicken meat; but first we start with the calorie values ​​of just boiled chicken:

How Many Calories in Boiled Chicken?

You bought a whole chicken and washed it well. Then you threw it into the pressure cooker, it was boiled sweetly. Whether you want to cook soup with water or prepare any meal you want with boiled chicken. So, what will be the calorie value of this boiled chicken (with skin), let’s examine it all together:

1 kg (1000 g) boiled chicken 2760 kcal
Half kilo (500 g) boiled chicken 1380 kcal
100 grams of boiled chicken 276 kcal
1 medium portion (150 g) boiled chicken 414 kcal
1 meatball size (30 g) boiled chicken 83 kcal

How Many Calories in Chicken Doner?

When we want to eat out, the best thing that comes to our mind is traditional fast food chicken doner kebab, an economical and delicious option. It can be found suitable for every pocket, from the busiest streets of every big city to its side streets. Package services are also worth mentioning.

We talked about how ideal the health status of chicken meat is, but when it comes to foods with a high carbohydrate content such as bread crumbs or wraps, the color of the work changes at this stage. How many calories does the chicken doner kebab, which consists of marinated chicken meat with sauces consisting of oil and spices, combined with sauces such as greens, tomatoes, onions, pickles and ketchup-mayonnaise, if desired?

1 piece of chicken doner between bread 800 kcal
1 chicken doner roll 309 kcal
1 chicken roll with lavash wrap 400 kcal
1 portion (100 g) chicken doner (meat only) 230 kcal
We know that it does not go dry. What you will drink with it:

1 box of buttermilk 95 kcal
1 can of cola 149 kcal
How many calories in chicken wrap? As an answer, 1 chicken wrap contains 309 kcal, and chicken wrap prepared with lavash bread contains 400 kcal.

How Many Calories in Chicken Breast?

Chicken breast, which is often preferred as fillet in diet menus, in salads or in different recipes such as sauteed meat, is low in fat and cholesterol; but at the same time, it gains different calorie values ​​according to the way it is cooked. Let’s examine the details of how many calories are in chicken breast, boiled, grilled and fried:

How Many Calories in Boiled Chicken Breast?

In the diet process, the most ideal chicken meat consumption for those who want to lose weight is the boiled method. With its low fat content and high nutritional values, it is also high in satiety and keeps you full for a long time. Boiled chicken breast, which is a good source of protein for those who do sports, will also be a very practical meal to prepare. Calorie values ​​of boiled chicken breast:

1 meatball size (30 g) boiled chicken breast 33 kcal
1 medium portion (150 g) boiled chicken breast 165 kcal
100 grams of boiled chicken breast 110 kcal

How Many Calories in Grilled Chicken Breast?

Fillet chicken breast can be preferred in diet menus. Since the grill method will not increase the calorie values ​​much, those who are in the process of losing weight can cook chicken meat on the grill. It will be an ideal food source because its fat and cholesterol ratio is low, and its protein value and satiety are high. The calorie values ​​of grilled chicken breast are as follows:

1 meatball size (30 g) grilled chicken breast 45 kcal
1 medium portion (100 g) grilled chicken breast 151 kcal
1 (200 gr) grilled chicken breast 302 kcal
How many calories in grilled chicken? In response, 1 medium portion of grilled chicken of 250 grams contains 274 kcal, and 1 meatball-sized grilled chicken of 50 grams contains 55 kcal.

How Many Calories in Fried Chicken Breast?

When frying comes into play, of course, the oil rate rises. This means that the most high-calorie chicken breast cooking method is frying. As a method that should not be preferred by those who are on a diet, fried chicken breast will cause extra calorie intake if consumed frequently. If we examine the calorie values:

1 meatball-size (30 g) fried chicken breast 53 kcal
1 medium portion (205 g) fried chicken breast 363 kcal
100 grams of fried chicken breast 177 kcal

How Many Calories in Chicken Soup?

We are talking about a soup that is a source of vitamins and a cure for the sick. Chicken soup, chicken broth or chicken soup. This natural antibiotic soup, which is cooked urgently in the home kitchen in cases such as colds, fatigue, and stomach flu, and turns stones against flu-cold medicines, is very delicious. How many calories are in chicken soup that makes patients stand up and strengthen the immune system?

1 medium portion (240 g) chicken soup 132 kcal
1 small bowl or 1 ladle (150 g) (less) chicken soup 83 kcal
1 medium bowl (200 g) chicken soup 110 kcal
1 large bowl (300 g) chicken soup 165 kcal

How Many Calories in Baked Chicken?

Chicken, which is prepared in the oven, is one of our practical main dishes that are commonly cooked. Chicken drumstick and chicken in the oven are prepared by blending various spices, optional tomato paste and oil. Since chicken drumstick is a type of chicken meat with skin and high fat content, if it is desired to be cooked in accordance with diet menus, the skin should be removed and the sauce should be prepared with low fat. It is high in protein and fat.

The calorie values ​​of chicken drumsticks with baked potatoes, which are usually placed in the oven with potato wedges, preferably pepper varieties and different vegetables, are as follows:

1 medium portion (460 g) chicken drumstick with baked potatoes 437 kcal

How Many Calories in Chicken Shish?

Chicken shish, which is obtained by pre-marinated and softened chicken meat, which is bottled and cooked on the grill, is one of our dishes that can be found on the menus of kebab shops and restaurants, which can suit many taste buds. If it is prepared with low-fat chicken breast meat, it can be a very healthy diet meal. It can be served with grilled vegetables on the side. Chicken skewer calories are as follows:

1 medium portion (165 g) chicken skewer 208 kcal
1 skewer (85 g) chicken skewer 107 kcal
100 grams of chicken skewers 126 kcal

How Many Calories in Chicken Liver?

Chicken liver, which is a very rich and nutritious source of folic acid, iron, zinc, potassium, vitamins A and C, sodium and protein, also contains cholesterol. We recommend that those who are under weight control, and especially heart patients, consume it carefully. It will be beneficial for the body if it is eaten in small and measured amounts. Chicken liver calories are as follows:

1 medium portion (20 g) chicken liver 29 kcal
100 grams of chicken liver 147 kcal

How Many Calories in Chicken Wing?

Chicken wings, which are served with sauce and crispy in fast food chains, are the favorite of many kebab shops with traditional grill cooking methods; such that the number of wingman restaurants is quite high. If you prefer chicken wings, which you can prepare in your own kitchen, with a skinless and low-fat sauce, the calorie rate will be low. Chicken wing calories:

1 portion (60 g) chicken wings 198 kcal
1 piece (30 gr) chicken wing 99 kcal