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How Long Is Which Food Stored In The Freezer

Deep freezers, which are preferred for preserving leftover meals, storing foods for later consumption, and facilitating meal preparation, are the saviors of many people at home. Deep freezers accompanying the refrigerator have a feature that preserves all meals in summer and winter. If you are constantly cooking at home or consuming ready-made foods, you will also need a deep freezer.

The ideal way to preserve various dishes or fresh foods is to store them in the freezer. You will resort to this marvel of technology when you are preparing for a sudden guest, while you want to shock the overcooked food.

How Long Is Which Food Stored In The Freezer

So, do you know how long you should keep which food in the freezer?

The storage times of foods in the deep freezer are different from each other. You cannot store raw and cooked food at the same time. If you want to keep the food in the deep freeze in the freshest and best way, we have prepared a chart for you. The meat and chicken storage time in the freezer on this page will be of great help to you.

For the best use of the deep freezer, you can choose freezer bags or freezer containers. You can easily use your products when you place them in these storage aids. If you are going to put it in the storage container, you can remember which food you put in the freezer on which date with small notes on it. Do not forget this information!

When the ideal temperature of your deep freezer is -18, you can safely keep all the food here. After taking it out a few hours before the cooking time and letting it defrost, all the food will take its place on the counter as fresh as the first day. These lines explain the duration of storing fish in the deep freezer for those who want to eat fish in all seasons, and the storage times of vegetables in the freezer for those who will prepare for the winter. Let’s take a look at them all now.

How Long Does Which Food Keep in the Freezer?

Broccoli: 10 months
Cauliflower: 2 months
Carrots: 12 months
Cucumber: 12 months
Tomato: 6 months
Peas: 8 months
Black pepper: 10 months
Paprika: 10 months
Spinach: 8 months
Leek: 8 months
Artichoke: 6 months
Celery: 1 month
Fresh kidney beans: 12 months
Biceps: 8 months
Green squash: 9 months
Pumpkin: 10 months
Pods: 12 months
Okra: 3 months
Brussels sprouts: 10 months
White cabbage: 8 months
Onion: 10 months
Garlic: 6 months

Watermelon: 8 months
Strawberry: 8 months
Peach: 12 months
Apple: 12 months
Melon: 12 months
Banana: 3 months
Grapes: 5 months
Lemon: 6 months

Meat – Chicken Products
Sheep, lamb: 9 months
Veal cutlet: 4 – 6 months
Beef entrecote: 12 months
Whole chicken or turkey: 12 months
Shredded turkey: 9 months
Chicken breast: 4 months
Offal: 4 months
Nuggets: 3 months
Fried chicken: 4 months
Cooked meat: 4 months
Sausage or sausage: 2 months
Bacon: 1 month

Pastry Foods
Bread: 3 months
Cookies: 8 months
Raw cookie dough: 3 months
Fruit pie: 8 months
Cheesecake: 3 months
Cake: 12 months
Pancakes: 3 months
Ravioli: 6 months
Pastry: 6 months

Fish Species
Canned goods: 3 months
Raw oysters: 6 months
Shrimp: 10 months
Cancer: 12 months
Lobster: 3 months
Mussels: 2 months
Smoked fish: 2 months
Cooked fish: 6 months
Oily fish: 3 months
Lean fish: 6 months

Milk and milk products
Yogurt: 2 months
Freezing: 2 months
Hard cheeses: 6 months
Soft cheeses: 6 months
Curd cheese: 1 month
Butter: 9 months
Margarine: 12 months
Milk: 6 months

Juicy Foods
Meat or chicken stock: 3 months
Meat or chicken soup: 3 months
Meat or chicken dishes: 4 months
Vegetable dishes and soups: 3 months
Homemade juice: 6 months
Concentrated juice: 12 months
Tomato paste: 15 months

Foods That Are Not Recommended To Be Stored In The Deep Freezer

Vacuum foods
Boiled egg
Alcoholic beverages
Glass bottle products
Raw Pasta
Raw rice