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Fresh Tomato Storage Recipes

Fresh Tomato Recipes

Let’s see what we can do to eat healthy and fresh tomatoes.

Fresh Tomato Storage Recipes

1) Storage in the jar

To peel the tomatoes, make a cross (X) with a knife instead. Put it in boiling water for 2 minutes, then take it out and put it in cold water. Thus, it will be peeled off without any damage. Cut off the stems. Run it with a food processor and mash. After it starts to boil in the pot, boil it for half an hour.

Five minutes before cooking, add salt. For 5 kilograms of tomatoes, 50 grams of about 2 tablespoons of salt is ideal. Fill the sterilized jar and cover with a new, never used, sterilized lid. Turn it over and cover the jars with a blanket to cool slowly.

2) Keep it as a Sauce

With this mixture, you can make menemen every morning, even in the middle of winter, with the taste and taste of summer tomatoes; It won’t take even 1 minute. When you put the mixture in the pan and add scrambled eggs when it’s hot, it’s almost done. It’s the same process as mashing, except roasting the peppers in a little olive oil before putting the tomato puree in the pan. Thinking that it will be cooked with boiled tomatoes, it will be enough to fry it for 1 minute. Half a kilo of pepper and 1 glass of oil (200ml) will be enough for 5 kilograms of tomatoes.

3) Frozen Storage

Peel or peel the tomatoes, chop them, sort them for eating, put them in the fridge bag and put them in the freezer. If you say “No, I want mash”, you can grate it and throw it into refrigerator bags. When grilling, cut it in half and grate from the cut so that only the crust remains at the end.

4) Tomato Paste

Making tomato paste in the city is actually very similar to tomato puree in a jar. The process is the same until crushed in the food processor, then pass it through a sieve to extract the seeds of the tomato, put it in a sack, press the stone on it and strain overnight, then sprinkle, dry. If you can’t dry it on the balcony or garden, cook it to dry. 500 grams of salt is required for 50 kilograms of tomatoes. Then it is enough to put it in sterile jars and store.