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French Nail Polish – French Manicure Guide

French Nail Polish – French Manicure Guide

French Nail Polish

French nail polish models and how to make French nail polish? The answer to your question is in this article.

French Manicure has been a must for well-groomed women for centuries. The elegant manicure that goes to perfection helps you both maintain your natural look and look glamorous. This stylish manicure helps you accentuate your skin tone while accentuating your nail’s own tones. Every woman can do it without giving up, no matter how old she is. Therefore, it is timeless and appeals to all tastes. We have put the most indispensable French nail polish style of women under the spotlight for you. After looking at the French nail models, you will look forward to trying this style.

What is French nail polish?

French manicure is the name given to the manicure style in which the tips of the nails are painted white and the rest in light nude tones. It became popular in the early 90’s and has since become an icon of stylish and elegant looks. French nail polish looks good on every nail size, but we can say that it looks more elegant on long nails. Although it may seem difficult at first glance, doing the classic French manicure is actually not that difficult at all. If you’re wondering how it’s done, keep reading!

French Manicure Types

French Nail Polish – French Manicure Guide

When we look at French nail polish models, we see glitter nails as well as classic nail polish models. To add a modern twist to this manicure style, you can apply powder pink glitter nail polish on the ring finger. The French nail polish manicure style will look remarkable in special events or events such as weddings and engagements.

In French nail polish models, we usually come across thin & thick French manicure, white top coat or pink top coat preferences.

In thin French manicure, the white nail polish you apply on the tip of your nail looks like a thin line. This manicure style, which makes the hands look more elegant than they are, offers a clean and simple atmosphere. The most preferred manicure style in weddings is thin French nail polish.

Thick French manicure is formed by applying a thicker strip of white nail polish to the nail tips. Usually this style of manicure is used on long nails.

French manicure with a transparent white top coat actually comes from the original French manicure style. When the French manicure first came out, a top coat was applied in transparent white tones. We love this manicure style that makes hands look clean and eye-catching.

The pink top coat is the French manicure model that has been popular in recent years. When choosing a pink top coat, you should go for the lightest pink tones and choose translucent pink nail polish.

Those who do not want to give up the classic French manicure should start growing their nails now for a perfect look. We recommend blunt filing as you lengthen your nails. Although round and almond nails have been popular in recent years, French nail polish has a style that will never go out of fashion. We’ve been seeing colored French nail polish models on almond nails lately, and this modern look really looks great!

How to do a french manicure?

If you are a beginner in French manicure, you should definitely get help from adhesive tapes. You can do French manicure in just 10 minutes. Follow the steps below to learn how to make a classic French manicure.

Step 1: First of all, with the help of a nail file, file your nails bluntly and make them look smooth, for this you can use 4-stage files that also file the surface of the nail. Since the translucent nail polish you will apply on it will show the color of your nail, you should not miss the perfect smoothness in this part. Since the white part is in the foreground, it is important that all nails are filed perfectly and symmetrically!

Step 2: Apply nail polish protector and let it dry. You will see that the French manicure is more permanent thanks to the nail polish base.

Step 3: Apply tape to expose the nail tip and apply two coats of white nail polish to the nail tip.

Step 4: After the white nail polish dries, remove the tape and apply clear nail polish or nude nail polish again to your entire nail.

French Nail Polish – French Manicure Guide

For thin French manicure, unlike the classic French manicure, you should apply white nail polish on a thin line, not all of the nail tips. If you are complaining about not being able to grow your nails, this manicure style is for you.
For a thick French manicure, we recommend that you thicken the white nail polish you apply on the nail tips a little. In the classic French manicure, white nail polish is applied only to the growing parts of the nails. To make this part look a little thicker, it will be enough to thicken the white nail polish that you apply on the long part of your nails.
As for the top coat choices, you can choose a white top coat to make your manicure look more classic. The pink top coat close to the nail color will add a more modern and natural atmosphere to your nails.
One of the best nail polish options for French manicure is the translucent white Maybelline Super Stay Nail Polish 71 Pure White. This white nail polish, which looks very good in French manicure, lasts up to 7 days and gives a gel shine to the nails. If you apply Maybelline Super Stay Quick Dry Top Coat in the last step, you can guarantee that your French manicure will last for a very long time.

What You Need to Know About French Nail Polish

French nail polish is one of the most preferred and timeless manicure styles. This manicure style, which was first used by the French, gained color over time and gained more modern looks. If you wish, you can also try colorful French manicure or red – black French manicure.

French manicure is also preferred at weddings. You can catch the French chic at your wedding or your friend’s wedding.

Creative French Manicure Tips

If you want to try more alternative manicure styles instead of the classic French manicure, we think it’s okay to change your French manicure a little!

In creative French manicure styles, we come across colorful, glitter and reverse French manicure models. Instead of applying white nail polish to the nail tip, you can apply glittery or colored nail polishes. As for the top coat, instead of the classic manicure colors like white or pink, vibrant pink, blue or orange will suit the spring season!

In reverse French manicure, you can apply a different color to the bottom of the nail, not to the nail tips, and apply a glitter top coat to the rest of the nail. Creative French manicure styles are all up to your imagination.