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Foods That Make You Hungry Quickly

If your eyes can’t get enough and if you’re eating the same food, you may be choosing the wrong foods.

In order to lower the rising blood sugar, the body secretes more insulin hormone. This causes blood sugar to drop, so the person gets hungry again. As the appetite continues, you want to eat more and more often.

Foods That Make You Hungry Quickly

White bread

Because white bread does not contain fiber and has few vitamins, it does not fully meet your body’s needs. For this reason, it causes a rapid increase in insulin and you start to feel hungry in a short time.


Pasta, like white bread, is one of the foods that makes you hungry again because it does not contain fiber and is weak in terms of vitamins.

Egg whites

If you don’t like the yolk and only eat the white part of the egg, you’re probably getting hungry quickly. The yolk of the egg has a satiating effect with the saturated fats it contains and increases the absorption of vitamins A and B. Therefore, you should consume egg white and yolk together.


Potatoes with a high glycemic index will make you hungry very quickly, especially if they are cooked in the form of frying.


Salt has many negative effects on health. One of them is that it has appetizing properties. The desire to eat sweet after a salty food is due to fluctuations in your blood sugar.

Red pepper

Red pepper, which has anti-cholesterol properties, increases appetite. For this reason, when you eat a bitter meal, you cannot easily understand that you are full.


Figs, which have weight gaining properties, cause appetite, so you should avoid consuming them during the diet period.

breakfast cereal

Unfortunately, high-carb cereal does not provide energy. For this reason, you should take care to consume oats instead of corn flakes.


Although fruit juice is healthy, since it does not contain fiber, it makes you hungry shortly after consumption. For this reason, you can consume the fruits as a whole for a feeling of fullness for a long time.


Due to its high starch, rice raises blood sugar quickly just like potatoes, and then lowers it quickly. Therefore, it creates a desire to eat again. When you want to eat rice, you can choose brown rice.