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Don’t Let Short Legs Be Your Destiny

Don’t Let Short Legs Be Your Destiny

Many people want to have long legs. If you are over 20 years old and you are short now, unfortunately, you cannot change your genetics. But there are a few methods you can use to create the illusion of long, lean and sexy legs. With the way you dress, the choice of shoes and your posture, you can extend the look of your legs and find a way to create that look you’ve always wanted. Take a look at Sarah Jessica Parker, the lead actress of Sex and the City, who, despite her petite body, manages to create the illusion of long limbs quite well. Why can’t you succeed? Short legs are not your destiny, here are some suggestions to make your legs look longer and more beautiful!

Tips to Make Your Legs Longer

High Waist Outfits

Don’t Let Short Legs Be Your Destiny

Choose high waisted trousers and skirts. These products are pleasing to the eye and create the impression that they start higher than your waistline. You can have longer legs by wearing high waist clothes.

High Heels

Add higher heels and platform shoes to your wardrobe. The most obvious way to make your legs look longer is to wear shoes that make you taller. High-heeled shoes also make your feet look longer, which makes your calves look longer and more shapely. However, avoid wearing high heels too often. Over time, high heels can damage your joints and cause chronic back pain.

Nude Shoes

Don’t Let Short Legs Be Your Destiny

Now you have another reason to go shoe shopping. When wearing skirts or dresses, choose nude-colored shoes to even out your skin tone. This creates a continuous line on the leg and makes your legs look longer than they are. You can also achieve this by pairing your shoes with your tights or pants. For example, try wearing black socks with black heels. This monochromatic look creates a clean line as the eye runs non-stop from the top of your leg to the floor. On the other hand, watch out for ankle straps. These shoes cut your height and make you shorter.

Ankle Straps

Avoid ankle straps. Horizontal straps cause your audience to pause early and make your legs appear shorter. Ankle straps have the opposite effect of high heels and stilettos. If you like ankle straps, you can try wearing tights in the same color as the strap to avoid creasing the line of your legs.

Short Tops

Don’t Let Short Legs Be Your Destiny

Long tops lengthen your body and therefore make your legs appear shorter. Choose short tops. Use your long tops by tucking them into your pants. Additionally, complete your look with short jackets.

Long Boots

Don’t Let Short Legs Be Your Destiny

Choose long boots. Over-the-knee boots create a clean, seamless look from your lower leg to the floor. Over-the-knee boots are similar, but with less impact. Boots that end at the ankle cut your leg just above your feet. Like ankle straps, they make your legs look shorter than they are. On the other hand, pointy-toed boots make your legs appear longer on their own, as they lengthen your legs downwards.