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Differences of Closed and Open Rhinoplasty

Differences of Closed and Open Rhinoplasty

Nose aesthetics is a type of aesthetic surgery that is frequently preferred in terms of both visual and health. In general, the aim of aesthetic surgeries is to correct the places that are experienced in a certain part of the body and that negatively affect the person aesthetically. In addition, these surgeries, which have many benefits in terms of health, can be performed both with aesthetic concerns and with health concerns. Usually, the two progress in parallel and deformities are corrected in this way.

The nose being arched, long, curved, the tip of the nose low or the size of the nostrils can be summarized as aesthetic concerns in general. These situations can also create health concerns. For example, a decrease in the quality of daily life can be observed when an arched and fleshy nose impairs breathing. Such situations are one of the most important reasons for rhinoplasty.

Nose surgeries are basically performed in two ways. In open and closed surgeries, different techniques vary according to the doctors. Open and closed nose surgeries have both advantages and disadvantages:

Open rhinoplasty operations are performed by making small incisions in the lower part of the nostrils. By opening this part, the surgeon can see the area more clearly and intervene better. The procedures applied for cartilage and bone are almost the same as in closed surgery. Open rhinoplasty operations are generally recommended for people with advanced deformation. The reason for this is that the surgeon captures a wide angle of view. As a disadvantage, the healing process is a little longer. Because the healing of incisions in the skin, edema at the tip of the nose and bruises that will occur prolong the recovery period.

Closed rhinoplasty is a type of surgery that is made from the inside of the nostrils, not the lower part of the nostrils of the incisions. In the closed technique, the surgeon’s angle of view is less, but in the latest advanced techniques, the situation inside can be observed with cameras thanks to micro-cameras. As an advantage, there is no possibility of any stitches or scars when viewed from the outside. The recovery time is also very short compared to open rhinoplasty.

Which Type OF Surgery Should I Prefer?

Undoubtedly, this situation may not be determined beforehand. The person who will determine this situation is none other than the doctor who will perform the operation. Because here, the patient’s story, the drugs he uses (especially blood thinners), previous diseases and chronic diseases also come into play. Whether it is on or off depends on these factors, so you should follow your doctor’s instructions.

Special medications are provided by doctors to minimize blood flow before surgery. During the recovery period, what the doctor says should be strictly followed and the opposite situation should not be created. It is also important for smokers not to smoke during recovery. As long as such conditions are followed, open or closed surgeries benefit the person in every respect. In order to have a problem-free operation, it is necessary to follow the rules before and after the operation.

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