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Cooked Without Odor: Fish in Salt Recipe

Cooked Without Odor: Fish in Salt Recipe

Fish in Salt Recipe

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the fish was cooked odorless, wouldn’t ruin the house, and especially if it was oil-free? Here we told you how to cook fish in salt! Moreover, the materials are of the kind found in every home.

If your fish is also fresh, you will not be satisfied with its taste. Have fun right now.

Ingredients for Fish in Salt Recipe

1 kilogram sea bass
1 kilogram of rock salt
1 kilogram salt
1/2 teaspoon of olive oil
3 egg whites

How to Make Fish in Salt Recipe?

First we need to prepare our mortar. Mix rock salt and table salt in a deep bowl, add three egg whites and knead well. You need to achieve a consistency that is neither too wet nor too dry.

Grease the outside of the fish thoroughly with half a teaspoon of olive oil. If you wish, you can put a few pieces of onion and lemon in it, so that our fish will stay on one side.

In the meantime, lay a thin layer of salt on the bottom of a baking paper-lined tray, in the width and length of the fish.

We place the fish and then cover the fish with a finger thickness of salt, just like we did the bottom.

We bake for 30 minutes in an oven at 220 degrees on average. At the end of 30 minutes, we increase the oven temperature to 260 and leave it in the oven for another 10 minutes.