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Choosing Glasses According to Your Face Shape

Choosing Glasses According to Your Face Shape

Choosing Glasses According to Your Face Shape, What Should You Consider When Choosing Glasses, Glasses Choices for Triangular Faces
The times have come when the sun takes over our eyes. Although everyone is excited to buy glasses, the real problem is that none of us can understand at a glance what type of glasses suits our face. However, the glasses models that we can choose according to our face shape are already definite and clear. In order not to get into a funny situation while trying to comply with the season trends, you should know which glasses model suits which face shape before choosing glasses. It becomes much more difficult to choose glasses, which increase the scale a little more each year, both in color and shape.

What to Consider When Choosing Glasses

Your pupils should center the frame exactly
The shape of the frame should contrast completely with your face shape.
The dimensions of the frame should match the dimensions of your face.
When choosing the color of the frame, there is another issue that you should pay attention to as much as your hair and eye color. In general, whatever colors you have in your closet, you should choose your glasses in this direction. Thus, you will not have any problems with the combinations you make.

Glasses Choices for Round Faces

If you have a square, full, and equal face shape, your face shape is definitely round. In order not to make your round face appear rounder, it would be appropriate to choose glasses that will make your face look longer and thinner.
Avoid round glasses as much as possible
You can make your face look much thicker if you choose thicker instead of thinner temples.

Glasses Choices for Oval Faces

If you have an oval face, which is defined as the ideal face shape in terms of being balanced, almost all kinds of sunglasses will suit you.
When choosing a frame, you should make sure that it is compatible with your face whenever possible. It would be right to choose frames that are as wide as the widest part of your face.
Your glasses should not be so low or high that they disturb the balance of your face. You should choose a proportional eyepiece.
You should stay away from frame models that will upset the natural proportion of your face.

Glasses Selections for Rectangular/Square Faces

If your face shape looks like a rectangle or square, you have an angular face.
Your first goal should be to soften these sharp lines of your face.
You should use your frame preferences for round models.
You should choose the stem of your eyeglasses frame from thick models.
Models called “Cat Eye” will be the right choice for this face type.

Glasses Choices for Triangular Faces

If you have a narrow forehead and a wide chin, your face shape is definitely triangular.
In such a case, it is necessary to choose glasses models that make the forehead wider and the cheeks narrower.
You should stay away from low-stemmed and patterned eyeglasses.
Glasses models that do not have a lower frame and are in line with the temples and are wide should be preferred.

Glasses Choices for Heart Faces

If your face is getting narrower towards the cheeks and chin, your face shape is a heart.
In this case, you should choose glasses that will make your forehead narrow.
Frames should be chosen from a model that shows the line below eye level much wider.
Low-neck glasses will create a more balanced view
You should stay away from patterned and thick-framed models.

Glasses Choices for Diamond Faces

It is a rare face shape.
The forehead, eye level and chin are narrow, the cheekbones in between are high and prominent.
The aim should be to make the forehead and chin appear wide and the temples narrow.
You should choose frame models with a prominent upper edge.
The frame you choose can be flat or round.
You should stay away from low-neck glasses models