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Bonito Grill Recipe

Bonito Grill Recipe

When grilling, you can use a wire grill or a slotted grill on wood fire. If you need to do it in the home kitchen, a trace pan will give you the opportunity to grill a delicious bonito. As we do when marinating the fish, preparing the corrugated grill or scalloped pan with a bit of oil will prevent the fish from sticking. For this, it can be useful advice to have the fire well prepared and not to turn it immediately when we put it on the fire for the first time.

Acorns can be cooked in wedges (wheels), whole or fillet. If it is to be cooked whole, one or two cuts are made on the meaty parts of the fish on both sides to allow the heat to penetrate well. This cut can be deepened to the bone. You can even squeeze garlic cloves, bay leaves, lemon slices or rosemary into these cuts and add flavor while cooking. It is up to your desire. It is possible to cook such a bonito, which you have prepared for the grill, in the oven environment.

Bonito Grill Materials

Bonito fish
1 Teaspoon of olive oil
Black peppercorns
Leave of Daphne
Lemon slices

How to Make Bonito Grill

Clean your acorns well and wash them in plenty of water and drain them.
Cut it the way you want and make it ready to cook.
Add a pinch of salt to the olive oil and add fresh black pepper.
Add the slices of lemon you cut into rings.
Add garlic cloves and bay leaves, if desired, and place your cleaned bonito in this marinade.
Rub your fish meat with this oil and take it to rest.
If you’re going to cook your fish whole, squeeze pieces of garlic cloves, bay leaves, or even lemon slices for a different flavor on the cuts.
Prepare your cooking environment (grill wire, slotted grill, traced pan) and place your fish on it.
Be careful not to turn it too soon after first putting it on the fire. Thus, your fish will not stick to the grill and will peel off easily.
After cooking both sides well, take it to the service.