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Bedroom Lighting Decoration Guide

Lighting Decoration Guide

Bedroom Lighting

You can choose warm-toned and yellow-colored classic incandescent bulbs for your bedroom. With this lighting, you can make your bedroom a warmer and more comfortable environment. On the other hand, you can adjust the light according to your sleep time by using dimmers in lighting systems.

If you only use your bedroom for sleeping, you can pay attention to creating a dark environment. It is worth noting that this situation will directly affect your sleep quality. However, if you use your bedroom not only for sleeping, but also for activities such as reading, watching TV and meditating, you can choose functional lights in different layers. Recessed chandelier models are often preferred among lighting fixtures in bedrooms. The chandelier models you choose according to the size of your room can meet your needs exactly. Recessed luminaires, which are preferred in rooms with a height of less than three meters, can easily illuminate your entire room. You can easily determine the amount of light you need with the control remote that you can control the light degree.

Bedroom Lighting Ideas

The bedroom is one of the most important areas of attention in terms of lighting. The main reason for this is the meaning of bedrooms in humans. I mean bedroom; it means the center of peace, tranquility, romance and renewal. Getting a good sleep by excluding all the tiredness during the day, scrambling magazines in silence from time to time, collecting end-of-day work, etc. Considering that you also do your work, it is very important to make the right and functional choices for bedroom lighting. If you plan to renew the lighting preferences in your bedroom, you should make the lighting preferences suitable for your purpose.

Lighting Decoration Guide

Pendant Lighting Fixtures

Pendant lighting systems using chains and similar materials mounted on the ceiling of your bedroom can produce solutions to your lighting problem in a short time with its modern appearance and wide range of products. Pendant lamps, which are generally preferred in bedrooms designed with modern details, both meet the general lighting requirement of your room and are among the options that can be preferred for local lighting. However, there is an important point you should pay attention to when choosing such products. The proximity of the lamps with the floor… This situation may contain elements that threaten your safety. Any mistake made during the assembly may cause problems that will upset your enjoyment. But with solidly mounted pendant lighting systems, you can get rid of the need for table lamps or spotlights.

Recessed Lights

Recessed lights that we encounter in living rooms and living rooms can be used in bedrooms. But the recessed lights bring an eye-catching effect along with their aesthetic appearance. If your bedroom is large, you can use recessed lights together with ceiling fixtures. We recommend that you try to choose the recessed lights, which are used regardless of the ceiling height, in the corners as much as possible.

Floor lamp

There are very few bedrooms where the lamps, which are among the most preferred lighting systems of recent years, are incompatible. Floor lamps are among the elements that you can use in all areas of your home and complement the decoration. Serving as both wall lamps and table lamps according to your preference, the lamps offer functional solutions in almost every corner of your home.

Lighting Decoration Guide

Bedroom Light Color Options

You have decorated your bedroom as you imagined. There is a unique harmony between linens, furniture, cabinets, mirrors and many other furniture and textile products. But when you turn on the light, if the whole atmosphere of your bedroom is suddenly destroyed, you are probably using the wrong color light. Our recommendation for the color of light that reflects the energy of your bedroom is in favor of yellow… If we remember that your bedroom is the center of peace, tranquility and renewal, we recommend you to use even the warmest tone of yellow to create a soft and sophisticated atmosphere in this area.

Types of Chandeliers to be Preferred in the Bedroom

The first luminaire that comes to mind when it comes to lighting, chandeliers are among the indispensable parts of our living spaces. Chandeliers are always among the preferred products because they add a different atmosphere to the rooms. Even though the flamboyant chandelier models seem to belong to the halls, you can easily use them in other rooms of your home. Chandeliers, which are among the elements that complement the decoration in your rooms with high ceilings; It provides full illumination of the area where it is located. If you are thinking of using a chandelier in your bedroom, you can choose a chandelier according to the decoration style of your bedroom. It is worth remembering, if your bedroom is not with a high ceiling, the use of a chandelier can make your bedroom look low. For this reason, you should choose your chandelier in areas with high ceilings.

How should the light be placed next to the bed?

If you love to read books before going to sleep, you can choose task lighting instead of general lighting. In such cases, bedside lamps come to everyone’s mind as the first solution. You should pay attention to the soft light and low wattage of such lamps. Being exposed to high levels of light will prevent you from easily reading the book because it is right next to you.

Is it Harmful to Use Led Lights in the Bedroom?

New researches are being made on LED light every day. LED light, which we are exposed to during the day through mobile phones and computers, causes irreversible problems in the eye. Although there is no clear research about its use in bedrooms yet, you can illuminate your bedroom by using adjustable led lights with remote control.