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Baked Mücver Recipe, How to Make?

Baked Mücver Recipe, How to Make?

Baked Mücver Recipe

We will cook the mucver, which is cooked in many different ways, in the oven, and we will get a light and delicious taste. Let’s start building together. Children will also enjoy eating it with yogurt on the side.

Baked Hash Ingredients:

4 zucchini
8-9 spring onions
1 cup fresh mint
1 cup dill
2 eggs
1 teaspoon of flour
1 packet of baking powder
Feta cheese (amount optional)
1 teaspoon salt.

Preparation of Mücver in the Oven:

For the recipe for baked hash browns, grate the zucchini and squeeze out the juice.
Finely chop the spring onion, mint and dill
Combine the zucchini, the ingredients we chopped and all the other ingredients together and whisk well.
Line a tray with greaseproof paper, pour the mortar in and bake in a 150-degree oven until cooked inside and out.
Mücver is ready to be served in the oven.

Key point:

Finely chop the parsley, dill and spring onion of our zucchini mucver.
It does not leave a pleasant aftertaste when it comes to the mouth.
After grating the zucchini, we separate the juice. If it gets watery again, we squeeze it.
With the help of a knife, we can understand whether the mucver is cooked or not. 30 minutes is enough.
Spread as thinly as possible on the baking tray. If we pour it thick, it will not cook inside.
You can also add black pepper and red chili flakes. It will be more delicious.