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Aespa Autumn Diet

It’s time to get rid of your preconceptions about the autumn months, put aside the end of summer and start to really care about your health. Accelerate your metabolism, prepare for winter and renew with diet in autumn.

Aespa Autumn Diet

First of all, in order to stay fit in the autumn months, you must first strengthen your immunity and be at your ideal weight. Our body needs more vitamins and minerals in seasonal changes. Vegetables and fruits should be included in your daily diet.
Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins we need during this period and if it cannot be taken enough with nutrition, supplements should be used.

For people with weight problems, the autumn period is the right time to lose weight. Instead of trying to lose weight with panic towards the summer months and using wrong methods, you can easily lose weight and speed up your metabolism with a diet suitable for you in the autumn months. When you start a diet in the fall, you can lose 1 kilo a week and lose weight permanently and healthily.

In order not to be tired and exhausted in autumn; Make sure to have your vitamin D levels checked. At least 15 minutes per day. It is important for your health to go out in the sun and consume adequate amounts of dairy products. Foods rich in vitamin D; fatty fish (such as salmon), liver, dairy products, and egg yolks.

In order to stay fit during this period, calcium-rich milk, yoghurt, ayran, kefir, cheese, raw almonds, mineral water, molasses, sesame, green leafy vegetables and dried legumes should be consumed.

Things You Shouldn’t Miss From Your Table In Autumn;

*For those who do not have any health problems


Milk, cheese, yogurt, eggs
From oil seeds; almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts
Fruits suitable for portion and season
Olive oil,
Spices (Especially: turmeric, ginger, chili pepper)
Yeşilçay, Beyazçay, Rooibos herbal teas
Rye and oat products

One day per week

The fish
Dry beans
Red cabbage
Spinach, Arugula
Pear, Kiwi