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3 Ways to Quick Nail Growth

3 Ways to Quick Nail Growth

Keep Your Hands in Mind: 3 Ways to Quick Nail Growth

Nails, which are the most prominent point of the hands, have several different ways to grow healthy and fast.
The nails of people who do not have any hormonal problems grow by 0.1 millimeter every other day. In other words, nails grow about 1 centimeter in 3 months on average. Nails, which are the most prominent point of the hands, have several different ways to grow healthy and fast.

How To Extend Nails?

The most important criterion in the growth of nails is to give up habits. Habits such as nail biting, unhealthy diet and cutting nails affect the growth of nails. These habits not only damage the nails, but can also invite many ailments in the coming years.

3 Ways to Quick Nail Growth

Does Eating Healthy Increase Nails?

According to research conducted in recent years, it is emerging one by one that unhealthy nutrition lies at the root of almost every problem we experience. Combining a healthy diet, sports and a stress-free life is very important in terms of opening the doors to a long and comfortable future. Your nails; In order for it to grow beautifully, brightly and ideally, it is necessary to eat healthy. For this, it is very important to eat vegetables and fruits on time. You can consume arugula, purslane, dill, lettuce and other vegetables in moderation and store the vitamins and minerals your nails need.

Get Rid of the Nail Biting Habit!

One of the most important issues that prevent the rapid and smooth growth of nails is the habit of nail biting. In order for your nails, which are one of the most prominent points of the body, to grow properly and quickly, if you have habits such as eating and plucking, you need to quit. There are two ways to get rid of this bad habit, which is usually ingrained in many people in childhood. The first is to stop biting nails by will. Quitting the act of nail biting as soon as it starts and trying not to do it again helps to develop a reverse habit. Another method is to consult a doctor. Doctors usually want people to give up their nail-biting habit voluntarily. In unsuccessful cases, a different colorless and odorless chemical solution is given. The solution applied on the nail prevents people from biting their nails due to its bitter taste. Thus, smooth and rapid nail growth is ensured.

How Should Nails Be Cut?

Fingernails and toenails can cause long-term problems if they are cut incorrectly. In order not to experience problems such as ingrown nails that can be solved by a doctor’s intervention, fingernails should be cut more oval and toenails should be cut more straight. Nails should never be cut deeply. The most important thing to do before cutting is to soften the hands and feet. For this, you need to put your hands and feet in warm water and wait for a short time. Generally, toenails are harder than fingernails. Therefore, you need to keep your toenails a little longer.

3 Ways to Quick Nail Growth

What are the Fast Nail Extension Methods?

There are different methods applied for the rapid growth of nails. Among these, the most frequently used method is cures. The most commonly used is the cure applied with lemon juice and olive oil. The most common method used by people who want to lengthen their nails other than cures is nail extension nail polish.

1- Nail Extension Cure with Lemon Juice

In the nail growth cure with lemon juice, you first need a small container. You should first squeeze some lemon juice into the container. You need to add about half the amount of olive oil to the squeezed lemon juice. After that, you should apply this mixture to your nails at least 4 times a month, at most 12 times. After preparing the mixture, you should wash your nails and dry them thoroughly. You should apply the mixture by massaging the fingernails and toenails and wait 15 minutes before starting the cleaning process.

2- Nail Extension Cure with Orange

Another cure that will provide a smooth appearance and fast elongation is made with orange, which is easily found in winter. You need to squeeze one orange for the cure you will perform before your usual nail care process. You should dip your nails in orange juice and leave it for 10 minutes. After the process is finished, wash and dry your nails. It is recommended to do this cure at most 8 times a month. In addition, you should use warm water while rinsing your nails so that there is no discoloration on your hands or feet due to orange.

3- Do Nail Extension Polishes Work?

Another method you can apply for long and healthy nails is nail extension nail polishes. Lengthening nail polishes, which are usually sold in pharmacies and cosmetic markets, provide the minerals and vitamins that the nail needs to grow fast. Thus, nails grow much faster than normal. However, there is an important point that should not be forgotten. Nail extension nail polish or other herbal cures are not effective enough for people who have a habit of nail biting or cut their nails incorrectly. In order to make these and similar methods effective, it is necessary to abandon the habits that prevent the healthy growth of nails.